Less milk while teething

Do your babies tend to drink less milk when they’re teething bad? My son has had 2 teeth cut threw within a week of each other and I’ve been struggling to get him to finish full bottles. He just keeps pushing it away, throwing it down, chewing on the nipple
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@Shelby ahhh I see! Sounds like a mix of teething and it feeling different on his teeth, like you said, and having solids on top of that. Eventually he’ll get use to it and it’ll pass! Try not to stress too much over it! One way I get more formula in my little is in the morning I give him oats mixed with 1-1.5oz of formula for breakfast. If you’re super worried about formula intake, maybe try that with 1 or 2 of his meals? You can do it with baby oats, rice cereal, baby cereal, or whichever your preferred grain cereal is for your baby.

@Mariah 🦋 He is eating more “solids” now, 3 times a day usually. Usually he goes 2-3 hrs inbetween feeds, 6-8oz bottles. The last few days more like 4 or 5 oz bottles every 4-5 hrs. And even then maybe only two or three oz at a time, just wants to chew on the nipple or throw it down. It’s ever since his teeth actually broke threw the gums so I’m thinking maybe he’s just getting distracted because it feels different against his teeth? Kinda the same with feeding, he won’t open his mouth like he used to and tries to bite the spoon with his teeth.

@Shelby awee, poor baby! How long does he go in between feeds? In the morning my son will have 6oz and will go 2.5hrs until his next one but he’ll only drink 4oz bottles each feed throughout the day until he has a 6-8oz bottle before bed. I read that if they’re getting at least 24oz total a day then they’re fine. If they’re eating solids they tend to take less milk throughout the day as well.

@Mariah 🦋 I’m glad he’s doing better! My son still seems to be disinterested in the bottle today, he immediately wanted an 8oz bottle after waking up this morning but since then hasn’t had one. My MIL and SIL came over this AM so he was distracted for a while and wanted a nap afterwards and just woke up but still doesn’t seem to want his milk :/

@Shelby is your little one eating better today?

@Shelby thank you! He’s been feeling a lot better for few days now so we stopped the medicine. The teething let up yesterday and he doesn’t seem to be having teething issues today either, which is nice for him so he gets a little break from the pain before it starts up again.

@Mariah 🦋 poor little guy hopefully he feels better soon!

@Erica I don’t breastfeed anymore so supply isn’t an issue but it is getting sad dumping out half full bottles multiple times a day🥲

Mine seems to be eating less right now and her first tooth just cut through. I feel like my supply is dipping because of it too

Mine was definitely taking less milk. He hasn’t had any teeth cut through yet but I suspect it’ll happen pretty soon. He began eating more when I would use baby teething oil before a feeding. He ended up getting sick for a few days so we had to give him Motrin and that helped with the teething as well. He was eating his regular sized bottles during that.

Can't say if it's less milk as we exclusively nurse but I have been used as a pacifier a lot more and her first tooth is finally cutting through. Poor babies 😢

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