I finally orgasmed with my man and it felt so amazing. I was missing out on a lot. I use a vibrator and he finally stopped being selfish during sex.
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@Rachel okay so we have an organ in our body that is exclusive for pleasure so are supposed to be availed to orgasm. It's no harsh I am being honest and sincerity is considered bad for some People But I think Is necessary

@Rachel exactly! Until I j met my current partner I had never been able to have one even solo and met him and it changed and I've always enjoyed sex regardless of being able to have one!

@Daniela that's pretty harsh to say. So what if women are just not able to have an orgasm?? Like never had one in my life. You still have the same opinion of it being the man's fault?

@YazmynJade the reason why I have sex/masturbate it's your own pleasure and honestly if I didn't come it's no the same pleasure, but the problem it's no you, the problem its your man that let that happen.

@Daniela and that's fine that that's your opinion I just know lots of women who enjoy sex and either can't have one or don't have one as in a quickie they don't have time

@YazmynJade I don't think it's okay that's just the man have an orgasm, If I don't come my man can't come that's it.

@Kirsty yes he would. There's been quite a few times he's helped me have one and had nothing in return. Some women just aren't capable of having them and some don't need them to enjoy all the other aspects of sex.

@YazmynJade would your male partner be happy to have sex without having an orgasm? It's been made to be the normal for so many women to just not climax because the men they're sleeping with are selfish in bed. Women should have an orgasm before sex and during, in my opinion. I'd never be with someone who couldn't make me orgasm but each to their own.

@Daniela I sometimes don't orgasm and I still enjoy it! Not everyone can do it and not all sex has to end in an orgasm to enjoy it

@Daniela wait... you're not joking? A woman should always have an orgasm BEFORE a dick goes anywhere near her vag!

@259Giselle what's funny ?

@Daniela LOL that’s funny

What you mean ? You are supposed to have an orgasm everytime you have sex

What do you mean selfish?

I've never been able to either

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