Sex life troubles?

My husband and I’s sex life has taken a serious toll in the last month. I’m currently almost 30 weeks and we haven’t had any sort of intimacy in almost 6 weeks when we used to at least 2-3 times a week. When I confronted him about it, he was honest and said he just hasn’t been as attracted to me since I got so much rounder. He claims it’s harder in certain positions and admitted my body has changed quite a bit. I’m hoping this will be resolved once I have the baby, but I’m worried. Anyone else experiencing something similar?
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Saying he’s less attracted is a bit insensitive. I’m in the same boat as you but I’ve experienced extreme discomfort and swelling to where my husband is more concerned about how I’m feeling than his own needs. As your partner it’s important to understand all your changes cause even after you drop the baby, you will not snap back to how you were before and sex will not feel the same either.

Its more psychological for my man, that and he was on a new medication for a while that killed his sex drive. He's off it now and we've talked through it. It's way less than pre-pregnancy but it's something. I think as soon as babies out and I'm healed he'll be right back to his usual level. Hopefully not to result in baby two too quickly lol

Mine said he’s scared to have sex in third trimester cause I’m big and baby is big and doesn’t want to harm anything. Honestly I haven’t been feeling it anyways but sometimes I feel bad 😭 cause I can tell he wants to still.

I guess this is normal for many fathers. Hormones change, so some react different than others.

It’s very normal. My husband told me he just can’t do it, knowing there is a baby in the womb 😅 It’s a psychological thing. Everything will come back to how it used to be after you’ll give birth.

I am SO sorry you’re dealing with that. Pregnancy is already such a tough time with changing bodies and new insecurities. What your body is doing is amazing and beautiful though. ❤️

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