How Long Was You Guys Implantation Bleeding ?

I have implantation bleeding and it came after i was 3-4 days late for my cycle which is mearly the whole cycle for me since mine only lasts 5 days . So i was curious how long did you guys implantation bleeding last and was it heavy or light with slight cramps and some slight pulling and pricking feeling.
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Tow days maybe three drops of light pink bleeding and the cramps pain was for week

@Aaliyah Reaves same here! Yesterday I was 11 dpo and before I went to bed I saw a very light pink, then today as well just another two bathroom trips. After that I started having some pulling-like pain around my belly button and uterus

Yes I wouldn’t be concerned unless it lasted longer than 4 days 🙏🏽❤️

I havent took one since Saturday since im still on and off spotting/light bleeding

@Aaliyah Reaves mines has been going on and off for 6 days. And my cycle is never that long its been 5 days consistently for months unless its a day or two early or late. And always in the morning and heavy with clumps. Mine is light and no clots or nothing and sometimes i dont bleed for hours then a drip once on pad and one wipe and then its gone. It started 14-15dpo and i got faint positives the same day and for two days after

Never bad cramps to the point of being period like but yes, crab pinch like cramps. I had implantation bleeding 13 or 14dpo and it literally only lasted 3 bathroom trips and only noticed when I wiped. It first freaked me out bc that how I usually get my period, light pink blood and then it turns red but I got a positive at 10dpo so I was certain I was pregnant . It was so short lived

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