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Hi! My husband and I just had our second child in September. With the first, we were like teenagers during the 6 weeks where I wasn’t cleared for sex. We couldn’t seem to get enough of each other and constantly were wanting to rip each others clothes off. We didn’t until I was cleared but I’d finish him off with blow jobs. With this second baby, I just have not been in the mood and he keeps trying. It’s hard because I feel so sleep deprived and like I’m constantly putting my toddler and babies needs first. Then I feel guilty for not putting his needs as a top priority. His work has been pretty demanding too so it’s hard to feel connected right now. We are 3.5 weeks in now. Id love to feel turned on and surprise him with some oral. But I just don’t know how to get there. Any tips or has anyone else experienced this? Sex is such a mind thing for me and I wanna be in that mindset again. Thank you!!
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@Amanda this is a group for sharing it all lol

Give yourself some grace! It’s okay to take this hiatus. If you want to try and get in the mood, what works for me is to just start coming onto him and giving oral even if I don’t feel like it. Usually in about 30 seconds of starting oral I’ll get turned on and into it (Pavlov effect maybe?). Other ideas are to try things that maybe worked for you before - think of moments he is there for you, or a particular sexy session you’ve had in the past. Is there something you can tell HIM to do that works? Give you a massage? And if you can’t get there - that’s okay!!! You will again and your needs and rest are equally as important, esp at 3.5 weeks in.

Oh my.. nothing is private anymore 😳

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