Potty Training - first time parents

Hi mamas! Hope you’re doing well, remember to give yourself some grace! My 18 month old has expressed interest in the potty. Anyone there yet? How are you doing it? What’s working for you? Would it be better if he potty trains with dad (same body parts) or does it even matter ? I got him his potty with a step stool and plan on transitioning to pull ups this month. Any and all suggestions are welcome!
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My boy is a month younger but definitely interested! I ask him if he needs to go pee and will take him, if he tugs at his diaper then I also usually ask and take him. I don’t think it makes a difference who does the training although if you want him to stand and pee, it may help if dad does that. We don’t do pull ups yet as he’d pull it down all day and probably have a field day. Anyway, I just take him when he seems interested and if he doesn’t sit long enough to go and has an accident then I just clean it up making sure not to make a big deal of it. I also make sure to praise him and give him a high five after he goes pee. ETA: I’m a 3rd time momma and every baby is different. It’s best to take advantage of them being interested but it doesn’t mean they’ll train quickly/easily either.

I haven’t even tried potty training yet but my uncle said something about picking one up to try to teach her so here’s to a new journey

I guess I should add she has learned everything twice as fast just from watching her brother. 😊

My daughter learned at 17 months. I potty trained her with my 3 year old. She would kinda hold her tummy and tell me she needed to pee. I bought a book on Amazon on how to do it. She took longer than the regular 3 days they tell you to do. It was more like 7 without undies. We started with a small potty in the bathroom to train her and she knows that is where you go and sometimes she will use it by herself or she tells us and we help her get on the one we have on our toilet. My son, we started sitting down, now he tells me if he wants to pee standing up or sitting down. Pooping has taken longer for her to learn. She will tell me, and as soon as I sit her down, she tells me, "All done" so we leave and she tells me again. She gets anxious. It's just a lot of patience, repetition, and excitement when we make it 🙌 We will use pull ups for naps, bedtime and when we go out. She is pretty good at telling me but I'm afraid we will have an accident and she's only been using the potty for a month.

@Jacqueline I just let him do his own thin. Like my son is still in his crib and has diapers so I ain't ready to transition him to a toddler bed lol

@Kaitlyn I agree. Forcing anything is a no go for us too.

Not there. I'm letting my son tell me he's interested in potty training. Im not forcing him to do anything

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