Anyone have some knowledge on tooth abscess?

My son is 9 years old and has a tooth abscess, I took him to the dentist and the dentist only prescribed antibiotics and said to just “watch it” until it bothers him more/gets worse. He said the antibiotics would make the bump go down, I thought that meant it would clear the abscess but upon further research I found out that antibiotics in fact do not get rid of the abscess, only prevent it from spreading. He has an appointment in January for a filling and they said they will look at it then, but I’m wondering if it’s safe to wait that long? I’m honestly so angry that they just gave us antibiotics and sent us away without an actual treatment plan for the abscess, I was clueless. Should I ask them to extract the tooth? If anyone has been through anything similar please send me some advice
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@Rebecca no. I had the tooth pulled.

@Roya Tooth pain is worse than childbirth. I understand its a last resort but that kid must be in agony 🥺🥺

Abcess in the mouth will eventually go away on its own. As long as it doesn’t spread and no fevers, he should be fine. Surgical procedures in kids is a bit different than adults. They typically hold off and use that as a last resort. I’d give it another week and if it’s causing any discomfort or whatever I’ve mentioned above, then I’d say pursue the surgical route.

@Nicola they wouldn't give antibiotics 😬. There are quite a few safe for pregnancy

I had a tooth abcess while pregnant. I had a emergency appt and obviously I wasn't allowed antibiotics but it hurt so bad I asked them to remove it the following week!

I'd book another appointment. Maybe even a different dentist

Antibiotics will only do so much. Make sure he Brushes properly and flosses. Most abssses are caused by food stuck between the gum and tooth an use a corsdyl mouth wash

@Rebecca he’s been taking the antibiotics for a week now and the bump is still there, hasn’t gone down but hasn’t gotten worse either. I looked into it further since it didn’t go away like I thought it would. He’s not in pain but I’m worried if I just leave it like they said to that it will spread and become a bigger problem. I plan on calling them tomorrow to tell them it hasn’t gone away but I don’t know if I should listen to them and wait until it gets worse or if I should really insist on them seeing him again

Definitely need the antibiotics but I would have thought they might drain it unless it wasn't too bad. Though if it goes away and your son isn't in pain it may be fine though personally I'd see them again in a week or 2 to double check and have a full clean done so clear out any left over nasties. Make sure he is flossing and cleaning regularly to prevent further cases.

I know this isn’t a poll and I’m sorry for being that person but I know this group is active

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