I think I’m pregnant !

We were trying effortlessly for about 2/3 months, nothing happened for us.. we then decided to try properly as there just seemed to be people around us who were struggling to conceive.. as we are over 30 we thought it could happen to us. So we started trying properly this month. We’d hate to look back and wish we started trying earlier ! I think I’m pregnant though.. ?! I could be wrong !! I’m 4 days before my due date so thought I’d do an early test… I did 2 as heard they can be a bit unpredictable! Please let me know what you think 🙈🙉
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@Rachael ah that’s good it uploaded ! wow it does look similar to mine. That’s super helpful thank you! ☺️

@Sophia it's a bit blurry but that's mine 😊

@Rachael ah that’s so nice of you to try! That would have been good to compare to , thank you though ☺️ x

@Sophia yes 🙂. I tried to upload a photo so you could see mine but it said its too small 🙈. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you

@Rachael wow really ? Thank you! I ordered a clear blue just in case 🙈

That's how mine looked 4 days before I was due. Congratulations

Congratulations! 🤗

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