Posting anon because slightly embarrassing

So before I was pregnant, I used to always take care of myself and as a mum I’ve noticed I’ve slipped in hygiene and also brushing my teeth. They used to be so white, now they’re dingy yellow, my eyebrows are a mess, roots have grown out. What toothpaste do you use for a white smile? I seen the purple toothpaste on TikTok, does it work? I just want to feel like myself again☹️
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God I feel you! I look like crap all the time to be honest. Lack of sleep doesn't help

@Vicky agreed! Feel sorry for my partner, he met me in my early 20’s, now we’re settled, I feel like a scruff daily!

Yep I feel that way too. I go back to work in a couple months so hoping that might inspire me to start taking care of myself a bit better

I think pregnancy/ childbirth can actually mess with your teeth loads! It's to do with giving most of your calcium to the baby 🙃 and I think we all kinda feel like we lose the old version of our self. Your time will come again ❤️ don't beat yourself up, and just take small steps to help yourself feel a bit more 'you' again.

I heard that pink flamingos loose their pink colour when they give birth and whilst taking care of their young - but they always get their pink back. You will too. It’s unrealistic to expect anyone to have their hair done, nails done, eyebrows done everyday at this stage in life. Give yourself some grace. Xx

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