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So since I was pregnant up until now (1 year postpartum) I have literally zero sex drive. I hate being touched, kissed and at this point even hugged. My partner wants to cuddle but as soon as I feel his “member” it makes me feel angry tbh. Has anyone else gone through this? I don’t want my partner to think I don’t love him, I’m just struggling with intimacy at the moment
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In a similar boat here, got an 8 month old and I’ve just found out I’m pregnant again (it was planned!). I’ve not wanted to be touched or kissed for a couple of weeks and he doesn’t understand. He thinks that because I cuddle him and give him pecks, it means I want to have some sort of sexual activity… we can hug and kiss without leading to sexual activities right? Or am I wrong? Xx

So glad I’m not alone! Feel like it needs to be talked about more because I honestly was questioning whether I was A sexual or something (no sexual attraction I think)

Omg I’m the same!! We used to have sex several times a day before and even during pregnancy. I’m a year post partum, I’m still not happy with my weight, I look like crap most of the time and I just don’t feel in the mood. I feel so bad for my partner as he just doesn’t understand it’s not him, it’s the way I’m feeling!! Xx

Yes!!! I had a very good sex drive in pregnancy then nothing and my boy is 10 months old. If my husband tries to suggest sex I get so angry. Why would he think I want sex after looking after a baby all day? I’m also tired and just want to enjoy my free time doing what I want to do! But sex is important so you feel wanted and sexy!! So I started with just reminding myself to give my husband a hug everyday (that’s how bad it was) then it was cuddling up on the sofa. Just slowly start introducing affection into your relationship xxx

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