Potty training

I’m due my 2nd in May 2024. My LO will have just turned 2. When is the best time to potty train? He tells me when he needs a poo but not a wee
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Just finished reading who gives a crap. It recommends 20-30 months but if you are at home with them you could do it sooner. My boy is telling me when he's done a poo or a wee so really thinking about trying once he turns 18 months. My second is due in January and we either need to try it before or 3 months after (average adjustment period)

My LO has really got into saying just before she does but... she really doesn't like her potty.. she used to sit in it ages ago but now trying to stand in it and too small of course! Wondering whether anyone has a potty recommendation?

@Catherine thank you!! X

You could just get a potty and see. Especially if he is telling you he needs a poo you could ask if he wants to go on the potty. I read somewhere you could put the poo from nappy into the potty to show them it goes there and then into the loo and allow them to flush it.. you may get lucky and he picks it up really quickly :)

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