No teeth yet

Anyone else’s LO have no teeth yet and no sign of any coming?
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First one cut yesterday an she's 8mnth today 🥺🥺

Teething like mad but nothing has come through yet🫣

Same. My son had two teeth at least by now but my daughter is still all gums 😅😂

Nothing yet 😶

None and can’t see any 😂

My son had none until a month ago and now has 3!

I was nearly a year and a half before teeth, same with my brother

8 months, no teeth and don’t see much there.

None, and can’t see any on the gums!

Same!!! His gums seem white on some days. 😅

We had none at the beginning of last month he now has 2 😳

My LG still has no teeth, her gums are white and can see them bulging but nothing cut yet 🤷🏼‍♀️ (7.5 months)

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