How long did it take for you to conceive your first child? It took us three years, and now we're considering having a second child. However, we're concerned that it might take a while again. For those who faced challenges conceiving their first child, did you find it to be quicker the second time around?
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Not me but good friends had several rounds of IVF to conceive their first and then fell pregnant naturally with their second almost 3 yrs later. It was thought impossible but it happened.

It took us long 2,5 soon as we had the letter from the fertility clinic to go ahead with IVF ( unexplained infertility) I felt pregnant. A little bit early to start with the second, but probably will start next year.

@Kirsty oh wow, how interesting! That’s given me some hope. Thank you ❤️

@Kate so sorry to hear that. Infertility is a horrible thing! We had 2 failed rounds of IVF so I can understand how you feel. Sending you lots of love and I’m wishing you all the best❤️

I’m the opposite, had no trouble with my first (took a couple of months) second time round it’s taking (still ongoing) 3.5 years and waiting for my 5th ivf transfer 😢 unexplained secondary infertility x

@Kirsty how long did it take her to conceive her first? I’ve never been on the pill, we suffer with male factor infertility unfortunately.

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