Teething toys?

My lg is 4months and is popping her bottom two teeth currently. I’m having a time trying to keep her fingers out of her mouth tho she will naw on her poor little hands until they’re bruised but has no interest in chewing on any teething toys and I’ve spent so much money on different types atp, how can I deter her away from her hands to the toys, she is starting to hold things but besides silverware she only likes to hold fuzzy things
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I imagine you’ve probably tried them but try the matchstick monkeys if you haven’t. The one where they’re all like curled up lol not the big ones. My boy did not take to anyyyyyyy teether at all no matter what shape or size (although I didn’t try the Nuby banana one- I might look into that) but he’s taken to the small matchstick monkey so much lol

Did you try anything that’s sort of similar to finger shape ? Mine liked Nuby teether in shape of banana compared to other tethers. There are others that are kind of like long silicone rods. I also want to try freezing some cloths dipped in breastmilk soon, someone recommended.

@Jolou she has one she just pulls it off to get to her fingers😂

You can get hand teethers that cover there hands 😊

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