Toilet training

My son is two and half i’ve been trying for really long time to toilet train he just won’t do it we bought spider man big boy pants he obsessed with spider man he knows where the potty is he even been to the potty few times he just come to the point where he just says “no i don’t want to “ and he genuinely won’t no matter what i say we had sticker charts we have books about it we have made it massive thing when he goes i’ve left his nappy off and he will just pee himself and I’ll say we need to go to the toilet if we need a wee he’ll just says no i genuinely don’t know what to do at this point
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@Scarlett i did what you just said we got lot further i kinda knew he was ready, he’s just stubborn sometimes 😂

Personally I wouldn’t say it’s because he’s not ready, it’s a big change and he’s probably just used to having a nappy, it’s all new and different. I wouldn’t give up on it completely, keep the potty out if you have one, have some time where he doesn’t have a nappy on, he will have accidents but maybe don’t make a big thing of it. Just let him know where the potty is and if he wants to use it he can. Definitely don’t force it, there’s no rush but I think keep encouraging the idea. Some children do take longer than others

Sounds like he's not ready! We waited until my son was almost three and he was so ready it only took a week or so to be having no accidents.

Sounds like he's not ready xx highly recommend Sarah Ockwell-Smith's the gentle potty training book x

My first was fully potty trained by 2 years 3 months, having mastered poos at 18 months. This guy is yet to do anything on the potty. We read books over and over (he can tell me the words of Why Do We Need a Potty) I've spent hours sitting next to the bloody potty for nothing. He's now telling me everytime he's doing a wee wee or poo poo, but will not do it on the potty. He'll happily sit there, but when he feels it coming he asks for nappy back on. Every child is different and you just have to let them do it on their schedule. Making too much fuss about it will just make them stressed and less likely to do it

Also: If my daughter doesn’t want to go on potty and I know she drank plenty and has a full bladder sometimes I just occupy her attention with a toy or a story and sit her on the potty and once she’s on I tell her: if you need a wee you can wee, if not we’re getting off and you don’t have to wee. That works 90% of the time with no crying etc. if she’s upset to begin with I don’t do it at all and try later.

Hi Shannon it’s all normal, he might not be ready yet. And there’s the difficulty with the “No” stage too. My daughter says no to everything I ask 😆 But basically every child shows readiness at different age. Yours might need to wait a bit longer (from memory readiness develops between 2-3.5 years of age in most children). I don’t remember all the signals for readiness but one was being uncomfortable with a wet nappy. I would drop it for now and try again in a few weeks/a month, see how he is then. Every child eventually learns how to use potty and it’s important not to make them associate potty with something negative/too much expectations because it may result in children holding urine/poo in for too long, getting constipated or developing problems with pelvic floor/ wrong associations with using the potty (like pushing too much in order to pass urine and get parent’s approval/reward).They need to learn to read the signals from the bladder and then control it. Good luck xx

Unfortunately sounds like he just isn't ready yet my nephew is the same where as our lb basically stays dry all day every day now with the odd accident but it's rare just go with the flow don't force him as it sounds strange but they see wee and poo as part of their body so it'd be like us losing a limb to them if that make sense Some signs of readiness are staying dry for more than 2-3hrs, taking own nappy off, staying dry over night

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