So my baby seems to squirm before during and after a feed she hates being burped and only settles after having a cuddle she's a very sleepy baby otherwise she's a month old on Thursday thought was due to colic but I'm not sure any ideas?
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All formula powders defo aren’t the same! Look at the ingredients in kendamil compared to Aptamil and Cow & Gate. I have no idea why health visitors and midwives are allowed to say that. My little boy was the same & had silent reflux caused by a tongue tie. He had his tongue tie assessed by a qualified practitioner (midwife and GP are not qualified to do an assessment) and snipped at 14 days old, then resnipped at 6 weeks. After that he stopped clicking on his bottle and stopped squirming. He learned to burp himself which was a relief x

@Amelia yeah we have mam bottles too

im on kendamil and use mam and it hasnt helped my little one, might be different for everyone though x

Which bottles are you using? We use MAM, they’re anti colic which is great. I would definitely recommend trying a different formula, they’re not all the same - aptamil is super rich and too much for some babies. Our gets on much better with kendamil!

Bottle and we are using aptamil midwife says all powders the same tho 😒

How are you feeding breast/bottle? And if formula which formula are you using? Our baby was super squirmy on Aptamil but we’ve just switched to Kendamil and he seems to be a lot better

i am having the same issue. I think it is colic

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