Sleep regression

Hello, my son is 9 months. He is a really good sleeper. He would sleep 8pm-6:30 am. He is now waking up at 12 pm every night for the past 10 days. He is teething the top two teeth. Anybody baby been doing this when teething ?
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I felt like my son was newborn again 🫠but he’s sleeping again for now!🙏🏼

Guess I’m bracing for ‘impact’ 😶🫣

I’m with you guys! I’m struggling too 🥺! Thought it was just me!

Takes me 3 hours to put my baby to bed anymore it’s awful. He just wants to stay up. Usually he sleeps 9-8 but he hasn’t been going to bed until 11 or midnight. I’m struggling

Im going though the same situation. He stays awake, for about 1.5 h. He is a very good sleeper. Almost 11 h every night. But lately he wakes up at 3 am. He doesn’t cry. And I can tell that he is uncomfortable.

Thank you all ❤️

Our LO is also a good sleeper (something to cherish!) 7:45p- 6:30p ish. He has 5 teeth that have broken through and 2 uppers that are in the process of it. I give him ibuprofen before bed. I skipped a night to see if it was in fact helping, and he was awake from 12:30a-2p screaming 🤦🏼‍♀️😢 good luck!

Maybe try putting him to bed earlier? I know when my nine month old goes to bed too late he’s overtired so then he’ll wake up again I normally shoot for 6 to 7 for bedtime. You also might want to see if he’s to cold while sleeping. We also do Tylenol before bed if he’s cutting teeth. 🤦🏼‍♀️ there’s just so many things that could go wrong with littles sleep and it it constantly changing. Good luck! You’re doing great!

Yup and my the force be with you because it’s a struggle over here too

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