Would you class my boy with hazel eyes ?

He is nearly one and they haven’t changed since 9 months ….they are blue, green/grey then brown flecks
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This is what my daughter now has!! They went from piercing blue to this.

I’d say hazel for now at the very least! My little so far has a really pretty and unique brown/blue hazel going on… perfect mix of mom and dad! We’ve tried to stay unattached but now that she’s one and they’ve stayed this color for a while without getting any more brown, we’re hoping it’ll stick!

I'd say blue but they may well change to a more Hazel in the not top distant future x

They’re hazel for sure…the brown flecks that create a ring around the pupil are what makes them hazel. They’ll likely be a blue hazel or green hazel but I’d say you’ll have to wait til later on to know which one. It can take up to 3yrs for an eye color to become permanent (crazy, right?).

@Jessica thank you. That’s what I will say from now on x

Yes you would call that blue hazel! Mine are the same and so are my son’s.

@Katy this is sooo true ….I guess I just thought his eyes would either be one colour ….not three or four I’ve been waiting for months to see the final result….but here I am nearly a year on guessing 😂😂😂 x

@Sharmen Honestly I never really thought much into why they’re like that or what it’s called. I’d say blue. I just find it so much easier to choose one or the other and stick with it 😂

@Nataly thank you 💕 everyone comment on his eyes and ask me what colour they are ….I don’t have a clue. Some people say he has grey eyes, others think green and some say blue. @Katy is there a name for it ? What would you say his is ? Xx

My LB and myself both have this sort of dual eye colour. My LB light blue then hazel inside, mine are green then hazel inside. I class my LB’s eyes as blue and mine as green 😊

Ooo pretty eyes. I would say blueish hazel

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