Weird question 🤔 lol

Ever since late in pregnancy, I haven't had the urge to pee technically, it dosent feel like I have to pee just pressure. It's worse after my c section. It's litterly just pain when I hold it too long because I literally don't realize i need to go.
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I've been the same but pelvic floor exercises have really helped.. although I have loved the feeling of not having to pee every 10 minutes 🤣

I have an altered sensation since my section, like i can tell i need to go but i dont realise how badly until i start going...but I had to stay in hospital another night with a new catheter put in because I couldn't wee following surgery. But if youve had this problem since late pregnancy before the birth...i would talk to your gp

It maybe worth speaking to your GP & getting checked out. Just in case something internally needs fixing.

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