Not responding to name.

My son is 15months and for a while I’ve noticed he just doesn’t respond whenever I call his name? Doesn’t flinch doesn’t even show any movement to show he knows I’ve called his name.. wherever we are, whoever we are with it’s the same thing? Completely oblivious. Ofc before I just thought it was because he was too young to understand but idk? The only way I can get him to understand is ques ( the high chair comes out he knows to comes over and it’s dinner time) (milk out of the microwave and it’s in his chair ready for milk). Theres nothing wrong with his hearing because he responds to music and dances. Just wondering if anyone had this?
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Have you had his hearing checked? X

@Tatyana he’s walking, no interest in saying or even attempting to say anything yet x

Yeah my son didn’t respond to his name till he was over 2, and even now at 3 he doesn’t always respond and refers to himself as a third person bless him, don’t worry just give it time, all babies develop at different stages x

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