Teething baby and breastfeeding

How do you cope with your babies teething whilst breastfeeding? My 5 month old now has his two bottom teeth through and he’s started biting SO hard on my nipples whilst feeding. He thinks it’s a game as he pulls off afterwards smiling 😂 I can’t imagine what it’ll be like when the other teeth come through 😵‍💫 It hurts!
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I was told that when they bite to pull them in close so they unlatch and then roll them over to face the other direction until they understand its not a game and if they bite, the boob is removed.

I immediately unlatch and say ouch don't bite. He has done it three times in the first few days of teeth but not since x

Mine started doing this- more baring her teeth while latched, rather than actively biting - but my goodness did it hurt; the pain made me feel sick! It happened a few times and every time I immediately unlatched her (pinky finger in the corner of her mouth) and firmly said no and then kept her off the boob for a minute.

Thanks everyone! I told him no very sternly last night and he responded with a big smile 😂 I’ll keep trying and make sure I keep him off the boob for a minute after

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