Testing DPO

I am new to ttc, and this is my first cycle actually trying. I am about 7dpo and not sure if it is too early to test? Just looking for advice and support🤍
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I always recommend waiting until 12DPO to test as this will give you the highest chance of getting an accurate reading. You need to allow time for the embryo to implant and hcg to rise to a detectable level. Use red/pink dye tests.

I’d say it’s too early. Most people don’t start getting positives closer to 12dpo. But it’s entirely possible to not get anything until after the missed period, or I was lucky in getting a super weak positive at 9dpo. So I’d say deffo wait at least few days at the very least (I know it can be hard to wait to test, I got a bunch of cheaper strip tests so I wasn’t going ti waste too much money 😅)

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