Does anyone work in a nursery and can advise?

So sorry, but this is a potty post 😅 My daughter is basically 99% dry at home. She either asks for a wee wee/poo poo or just goes and does it herself then tells us! She is also telling us when she is out too so for instance when we go gymnastics or to a restaurant. However nursery is a different story 🙃 she is having like 3-5 accidents a day. They have potty’s dotted around the room and she is doing the odd one on there but is mainly wetting herself. Is this normal? I honestly do not want to force her if she isn’t ready, tbh it all happened randomly when one day she literally took her nappy off and said I need a wee and sat on the potty 😅 I haven’t pressured her at all and I am happy to go back to nappies if if this is a sign she’s not fully ready? Advice welcome thank you 🥰
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My boy was absolutely fully trained at home but I still sent him in nappies to nursery for like 2 months. He had a mental block about using potty at nursery. Just wondering if she uses a potty at home, or a toilet with steps? We use a toilet with steps but our nursery has those tiny toddler size toilets which is obviously visually different to at home, and I think that was part of it. But also they are just sooo busy playing, they forget to go potty.

@Heather-Jayde thanks Heather I will 🥰

@Laura thank you so much for reassuring me 🥰

Normal behaviour, alot of the time there is just too many distractions. We waited a while before sending our boy to nursery in pants. He is completely dry in the day there now but will absolutely not do a poo there, he will wait until he is home... Ask nursery to remind her every 30 minutes or so to sit on the potty if they can

@Jess absolutely normal! Give her a few weeks but also maybe say to staff could they ask her/remind her more frequently! We have one at preschool so that’s been dry and clean at home for almost a year but they’re so busy and engaged that they forget and have accidents so we remind them befor snack and going in the garden etc!

@Bex thanks so much for replying Bex! When should I start to think maybe she’s not getting it or based on the other successes (at home and out) do I stick it out? Thanks for the advice zz

@Laura thanks Laura 🥰 so is this normal? She’s dry at home. But having maybe 5 accidents at nursery. How long should I give it before maybe it’s not working out? Or am I just overthinking. I have adhd so worry a lot more 😫x

I work in preschool and childmind and yes it’s normal, there’s more stuff going on, they may not feel confident taking them selves off to use the potty! X

I work in a nursery and it is very normal for the fully dry to become a thing there as they're often so busy and sometimes forget or they may not be as confident to say they need a toilet or go by themselves. My girls been potty trained for 3 months now and still has the odd accident at nursery when she never does with me. I also found out last week they think she's 'one of the quiet ones' which surprised me as she's far from that. So she may not tell them all the time, I don't know. But yea it's very normal x

I'd give it time nursery can take linger as they are busy maybe ask the staff to take her every 10 - 15 then as she gets used less and less

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