Fear of having third baby

Hello! So I had an unplanned c section with my first daughter, tried for a vbac with my second and that was very traumatic and resulted in shoulder dystocia. my husband and I always planned on having three children but I can’t shake the fear. I already have decided that if we have a third we would do a planned c section. I guess I’m just looking for words of advice/comfort and to see if anyone has had a similar situation to mine. Like a c section , vbac , then second c section. Thanks 😊
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3 sections here and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Elected sections are so different x

I had a traumatic induction of labour with my first baby which ended in shoulder dystocia, sepsis, haemorrhage, vacuum assisted delivery with episiotomy, and now I have a prolapse from the birth. Because of this, I just had my second baby almost 3 weeks ago via elective c-section. The c-section went amazingly! So calm and organised, very quick and smooth, I was walking 2 and a half hours after he was born and was discharged the next day. Recovery is going well and is nowhere near as bad as I expected. I also have decided if we had a third baby then it would be another elective section. However, I am in the same position as you. I’m worried about another section in case there are complications. The overall message I have gotten so far is that despite the experience of other mums, yours could be very different and we don’t know how it’s going to go. Although complications may occur, they can be controlled and majority of the time will have a good outcome - this gives me hope!

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