Need some potty training guidance.

Hi everyone! I feel like we should start potty training but our son is showing no interest. We bring him to the bathroom with us so he can see what we are doing and we bought him his own tiny toilet but he doesn’t seem to care about the bathroom at all. Does anyone have any advice?
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My son watched us go potty. We would explain what everything is and used correct terminology for body parts. We showed him how to use everything and started helping him get interested by asking, "Do you want to flush the toilet?" and, "Do you want to sit on the potty?" We never got him a little potty because we didn't want to train him to use that and then have to get him to switch. He's so close to being potty trained. We have been having him go bottomless (sometimes completely naked) at home for weeks now and have had zero accidents. Last week was the first visit to his grandparents where he would tell them he needed to go potty instead of just peeing in his pull up! So, today we are doing underwear and seeing how it goes! We took the whole process at his pace. Watch for cues. If you can recognize when he needs to go, you can scoop him up and run so he can go in the toilet. When he does, GO NUTS!!! Celebrate with a dance, clapping, cheering. We also reward with 5 M&M's when he poops in the toilet.

My 2.5 yr old son shows interest. Will sit on his potty but not long enough to do anything. Give him time without his diaper. Very into flushing and washing his hands and watching his daddy use the bathroom. Not sure but he does everything on his own terms. May just have to wait him out.

Nappy free time. I honestly just waited until my little girl was ready. She woke up dry so I just went for it. She got the hang of it very quickly because it was her time. Just go straight for pants and see how he gets on. But no internet may make the situation more stressful x

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