Potty training

I am currently having issues potting training by 2yo son,he usually tells us that he needs to go "pee pee" so we quickly rush him to his potty just to find out that he has already done so🙁. My husband takes him to go to the bathroom with him so he can get the gist of what to do as do I take him with me. We have done the waiting game, sing alongs, mini prizes &stickers. Occasionally suckers (yes they are bribes but we are desperate😂) My friend had suggested that I try letting him run around naked and have a potty near him but I'm just not sure about that cause I also have a very curious 3 year old daughter so I'm scratching that technique🫤 Any suggestions???
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@Isabel potty training my daughter was such a piece of cake too lol my son sure is the complicated one 😂at times I have felt like giving up too😮‍💨but we just gotta keep pushing mama😊

That’s where we are. He goes pee fine… it’s #2 where he fails to let us know. He hides and then tells us he needs clean underwear 🤦🏻‍♀️ because “these are dirty” 😒

@Isabel i would say we have had a tiny break through!😁he is finally comfortable going potty but occasionally wets himself, he hasn't quite gone #2 though. The one time he needed to he never said a word of warning he just went in his big boy underwear 😂

Hey! How’s potty training going? My son is also a struggle to potty train… my two oldest daughters were both completely potty trained in two days! I told my husband to be prepared to have a 5yr old in diapers I’m ready to give up. 😆 kinda not joking 😏

@Christina thank you!!

100% . My daughter was trained in 3 days! Check out the book “Oh Crap! Potty Training!” Its an easy read with great technique! Good luck!

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