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I have my 34 week appointment on Monday. Its been ages since I last seen her. Is it at this point I ask for a c section? Reasons being baby is measuring big. And my 1st pregnancy was kinda a traumatic experience. Was in labour for 18 hours. Lots of pushing and baby got distressed and ended up in theatre having forceps and having to be cut down below. I'd like to get some sort of plan in place just so I know where I'm upto. Any ideas? Thank you 😊
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Im 36+3 and only seen my midwife at my booking appt at start, which was late. Ive seen my consultant twice, who seems to care more! This is my 4th csection, but iv felt uncared 4 by midwife, in past always had a good one or 2.. they made out more care be taken with me this time (major depression since i was a kid, agoraphobia, ptsd etc etc) but even when my partner has said im doin not well, or iv got covid (couple weeks ago) instead of reassuring me, she just said she rebook appt... then rang monday asking to see me then, knowing ful wel i need several days notice, to cope.. so as i have my consultant again on 10th, shes just leaving me to see them instead

Most midwives won’t be able to book anything for you until the 36-week mark, that’s when they discuss your birth plan with you so mention it this time but just fair warning that she might not be able to do anything until your next appointment 😊 They usually ask you to fill out your birth plan on the Badger app around now ready to discuss at your 36-week, and that’s where you can put your requests! 😊 Hope this helps x

@Bee thank you 😊 yes I've heard they like to push back. I have been thinking for quiet some time now about it and think this would be the best option so fingers crossed I don't have to push back to hard xx

Yes, this is the perfect time to plan together, hopefully she’ll be able to give you a date and book it in. I will warn that they often try to push u away from a cesarian so you have to be quite strong. Of course this isn’t always the case but I asked for a c-section got pushed into induction instead and then ended up being excited to deliver “naturally” then to require a high stress emergency c-section 🙃🙃 Good luck xx

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