More off a rant than a question

Struggling so bad with my anxiety and feeling so low and alone recently where I live I have no friends or family near me. I’ve tried looking into local groups but my anxiety is really holding me back i know my anxiety and emotions are worse due to pregnancy but I dread it when the baby is born because I feel like even though that is my opportunity to get out to mum and baby groups I will struggle and fall back due to my anxiety 😭
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Sending you an enormous hug. When the baby comes it will be world changing. Definitely tough it it’s own new ways, and isolating sometimes too. Once my littles started daycare, that opened up a cool new world of meeting other folks organically and without a ton of effort

Hi there. I totally get you. I’ve realized that in myself too at one point but later decided I actually do like being alone. On days when I need more interaction I’d go to mom meet ups but honestly felt worse bc I couldn’t relate to those moms. I actually found more comfort in meeting friends who were dealing with the same personal issues. Instead of focusing on moms, try focusing on your feelings of anxiety. Find a meet up around that and build friends who are working through that. One might be a mom. You’ll feel more understood I think

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