Worries of delays

My daughter will be 1 in January has no interest in walking refuses to stand unless holding something always get sidetracked when trying to show and encourage her she also likes to turn her foot sideways when I hold her hand and attempt to walk. Any advice how to help her would be amazing
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No worries my girl just showed interest in standing up around her first birthday. Now two months later she walks on her own. Don’t panic.

She’s still really young, I’d just keep letting her find her feet on her own and eventually she’ll build up enough core strength to stand and walk. My son walked at about 13 months and he was one of the early ones! I didn’t do anything in particular to help him, I just let him pull himself up by holding onto things and he had a walker that he’d push around when he wanted to. They do it in their own time, don’t worry x

My daughter didn’t start walking until she was almost 18 months I was getting really worried about her as well. My sister in law gifted my daughter a toy kitchen which my daughter loved playing with and encouraged her standing, surfing and taking little steps.

My boy just started walking at 18 months! She will get there in her own time have a look on Pinterest for activities to help with encouraging baby to walk :)

my girl starts to walk at 14 months. Don’t worry too much, they can wait up until 18 months.

Completely normal! I was freaking out she did not like tummy time which delayed her crawling and then of course her walking. She didn’t start until 16months, now she runs everywhere and does not sit still. Don’t stress too much lovely!

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