I'm struggling with breastfeeding and it's not the latching it's literally I don't produce enough milk and I get frustrated I literally get nothing but just milk on the shields while pumping. Any good laction consultants near Lansing that takes Medicaid?? I know wics wonderful but I hate to keep bothering them I feel stupid
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I have heard 50/50 on wic lactation consultants. To my understanding you can not determine how much your getting out strictly based on pumping as baby will always work better then a pump when it comes to getting to milk out. Are you strictly pumping?

Also there’s some really good Facebook groups for breastfeeding moms. I know some people don’t like to join Facebook groups but they really helped me when my 5 year old was younger and breastfeeding.

Have you done weighted feeds to see what baby is actually pulling?

My lactation consultant was a life saver: Abby Mullins

Hi! I'm actually associated with a nonprofit called EPO. We host Capital Area Baby Cafe every Wednesday morning and every other Thursday evening. You can get FREE no appointment no cost lactation help with an IBCLC with no insurance. There's no religious affiliation. Look them up on Facebook. They meet at Penway church of God over the winter but it just gives us venue space. If you want to pm me I can recommend an IBCLC that I've used before locally. All insurance is required to cover lactation consultants for up to 8 sessions at no cost. They do however work via reimbursement. Hence me recommending Baby Cafe. There's a meeting in two days Wednesday at Penway church of God at 10. It's a group setting, snacks and drinks provided for you and any support person or kids. I'll be there myself.

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