Compact Changing Station Ideas!

So hubs and I may or may not have left this one to the last minute but we are insanely cramped for space and are expecting our first wee one within the next month. We are looking to do some kind of changing table situation as hunching over on the floor constantly will be hard on both of our backs. But we’d need a table that can either be stowed away easily or is very compact. Hub doesn’t want anything wall mounted as we’re planning on selling our apartment in the next 6-8 months. Let’s see those small space diaper changing solutions! ❤️ thanks ladies!
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I have a changing pad on my dresser. And all baby stuff in a basket next to it.

Can you use a surface you already have? Ours is on top of a chest of drawers but you could use a tabletop or desk space or similar

@Sophie unfortunately no, not any that would be a comfortable height - my dresser doubles as our bedroom TV stand. The only option would be the cat’s makeshift litterbox cubby we built out of a thrifted dresser but then he’d be regularly close to cat poop and pee which I don’t love the idea of.

Here you go: (the first or last link look ideal):

We got a cot top changer for ours.. I’ll see if I can find a photo

@Tracey oh, that’s really cool, I’ve never seen that - other than on pack and plays. Do you know if they’re adjustable at all - for reference we have a convertible crib situation, so right now, as the bassinet size it’s probably too narrow.

@Cydney the only ones I’ve seen are just a standard size, not sure if there are others though

I picked up one of those 4 in 1 crib/table combos for free on Offerup-the changing table part of it can stand alone and is very compact

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