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Hello ladies! I am a single mother my daughter's father is involved in her life. She is currently in foster care (since February) she has autism and adhd. She is 8. She is my only child. I also have autism and adhd. I have friends I know in person that is trying to help me out with my dcf (cps) case. I feel like I am being mistreated by them. Treated unfairly. Does anyone know anything with this stuff? That could give me some advice or suggestions? Let me know, feel free to message me.
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Also I am in Massachusetts

I have autism, ADD, depression and more than one anxiety disorder and CPS took two of my babies about and I’m pregnant. People on Facebook tell my husband he should get “fixed” and stop having babies. People are calling me a clown on there. My husband and I were waiting for my son to be discharged from NICU so we could move to West Virginia and live with electricity and flowing water (stuff they should want us to have for our children, but yet they let us be stuck in Arizona wasting money visiting them three times a week when we could be using our finances for a permanent home with electricity and flowing water).

I think they like to label autistics as “incapable and unwilling to take care of children.” Unfortunately unless you have a good lawyer, you just have to put up with the abuse and do everything like as if what they’re saying is the holy Bible otherwise you might not get your kid back.

Pretty much if CPS says that your kid can’t watch YouTube regardless of if it’s a program made for children and it’s age appropriate then if they say no then you have to basically sit on their altar and do exactly what they said even if your child tells you otherwise. It’s absolutely ridiculous because at least in my case, they are not letting me have my full potential as a mother to do what I need to do, including having the ability to bathe my children.

Another thing that the system is abusing against me is the inability to take my children to church, so they’re not getting the spirituality that they deserve for their overall being.

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