Hello ladies,

You may think I’m crazy lol but here it is… I’m 40 and I currently have 2 amazing children 14 and 12 yrs old. I had a m/c back when I was 33. Shortly after that I started a new job and my husband and I stopped trying for a bit. Throughout the years my husband and I have off and on tried for pregnancy ( have not been on any type of birth control btw) but no pregnancy has happened. I have pretty regular cycles, I’m healthy so I’m not sure why it hasn’t happened. Just wanted to give a little history about me😊
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Hi Caryn, not crazy at all ☺️ me and my husband are also trying for our first baby (I have no live children only angels) I’m 41. Have you had any bloods taken to get your levels checked? Xx

Awww I pray you are blessed with a sweet baby soon! And no I have not been at all to get tested I’m thinking I probably should. I’m not a big fan of going to the Dr so I need to do that I suppose.

Hey honey I'm going to keep you in prayers I'm about to turn 41 and I am also on the TTC journey I have one son who's 24 never been pregnant after that I have a little history of irregular periods but me and my husband are still trying so baby dust

We have been trying for nearly a year and in that year I fell pregnant 4 times, I just need a sticky baby!! I’m booked in with a fertility clinic in February so hopefully can get some help. Do you track your cycle and test for ovulation?

I do but I have irregular periods and so that doesn't help I have had to failed IUIs but I'm going in November 15th for another test to see if I have any scar tissue and then maybe we'll go from there but I do wish you all the best honey If you don't mind me asking how old are you

I track my cycle as well and I do track my ovulation and this month I started tracking bbt

That's the only thing I don't do is the BBT but like I said we're going in for some different testing on the 15th and hopefully that helps and I really really want another baby

The BBT is very good once you get into it, I use the Apple Watch and also an oral thermometer. My go to app is Fertility Friend which actually confirms my ovulation due to my temperature which is pretty cool, I’m 41. Good to hear you’re tracking and testing too Caryn, what supplements do you take? That’s a very important part too for our eggs

I’m taking prenatal supplements but do you have any suggestions for something more?

Yes, lots lol. I’ll send you a couple of pics of what I take

Ubiquinol is the very important one as that’s for improved egg health

I’ve started a group for 40+ as there wasn’t one. Feel free to join https://peanut.app.link/piBx3pCllEb

So I’m 45 and would love to have baby number 7 ,,, but just hasn’t happened for us .. our children are 22, 19, 17, 9, 5 and 5 …

And I have Never been on birth control of any type!

@Redd You are absolutely beautiful for this how long have you been trying just curious I'm 41 and I'm trying it's been a few years and I have had two failed IUIs but I go for surgery on January 2nd and we're going to see about getting my husband some better pills for his little swimmers what is it it that you're doing to help this journey

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I’m 26 and what helped me get pregnant I think was ovasitol… and clomid and metphorman.

So with baby number 4, I was having a Really hard time getting pregnant, for about 3 years I tried tracking all my ovulations, periods and perfect days for sex - (by the way having ‘scheduled sex’ sucks!) it just takes all the fun out of it - I don’t like this term but it becomes like, ‘Obligated Sex’ - anyway after three years and changing my diet and following all these books about what to eat and how to eat and how much to eat,, and what foods to avoid and which to eat more of,, None worked! After three years, we tried ivf ,, but failed twice.. we had all but given up hope and we took a breather for awhile and decided not to think about it anymore .. I still took my nasal body temp and recorded on my charts - ovulation days, peaks, lows and good days to have sex,, so my hubby took more of a break then I did- I still tracked and just acted more attracted to him during days I really needed him ,, lol (that sounds really harsh ) on year seven -

On year 7, I felt like the unluckiest person on the planet ,, in actuality I think I was just overly stressed because it Still wasn’t happening for us! Year 7 we started Clomid and had to go up to 150mg before we got pregnant.. but we got there by year 8. After baby 4 was born, we decided we needed to try closer to baby being born and have better chances of another coming .. I started tracking again right away ,,and through my doctor she said because we just had a baby it should be easier to get pregnant and before trying anything we should try on our own .. there’s a product out called Fertilaid - I took it and so did my husband and I also took the fertility tea made with rose hips,, I constantly took LH tests every morning and bb temps and drank lots of the stupid tea and took the pills and I can honestly say- I don’t think it worked! It was soo frustrating! There’s four years between my nine and five yr old .. and eventually we went back to clomid.. it took several rounds

With us hitting the max the office was willing to go.. we threw our hands in the air and said - Guess God is saying no to us.. - so we quit Everything Cold Turkey! October 2017-I got an ovarian cyst that ruptured due to the Clomid—another reason we quit! February 20, 2018 - I had a obgyn appointment and was going in to monitor another cyst that in December had been forming - and was found by vaginal ultrasound .. in Feb it was just another vaginal ultrasound to see if it absolved itself or if possibly it grew.. laying on the table the nurse came in starting doing the vaginal ultrasound and put her hand over her mouth and gasped! And ran out of the room! I was like, What the heck’? I continued to lay there- thinking my ovaries could be the size of grapefruits or something ,, I didn’t know —- she comes back and says You’re pregnant! And I was like No Way! She says Yes.. I said why did you leave the room and how far along am I? She said she ran out to check my chart, because in Dec when

When I came in - I would have Had to be pregnant with the size of this baby! She said my test was negative in December and she couldn’t explain it - other then to say someone must have made a mistake..

She said she had to go check with the doctor and would be back — so I’m laying on the table, feet in the stirrups and my cell rings ,, our adoption agency we had signed up with four years prior was calling that our new baby was ready to be picked up by 4pm .. we were now parents to a two day old baby boy! I said What?? I told her (and I was crying - I just found out I’m pregnant 5 sec ago) she said would you like me to call the next family on the list,, I said no,, we’ll be there! My next call was to my husband to tell him - that not only was I pregnant but that we were adopting a two day old infant and to meet me at the hospital !! We had to run and buy a car seat in route to the hospital,,, my boys (my two five yr olds are not twins- one was born 2/18/2018 and the other 9/16/2018!

My baby I was pregnant with was due 11/26/2018 but due to complications from my doctor who made a false assumption that proved incorrect - my baby was born early ,, so early in fact - he couldn’t eat on his own and didn’t have the suck reflex,, he also stopped breathing three times - he weighed 4 pounds - doctor said she believed that my placenta had holes in it and if I didn’t deliver now, my baby would be stillborn ,, I was induced - and after 36 hours of horrible, pain filled labor- my baby was born , a boy.. after I expelled the placenta - my doctor and another were stretching and holding my placenta up to the light in the delivery room every which way,, I asked where the holes were because I wasn’t seeing any,, both doctors said they simply made a mistake,, and that it happens ,, my baby had to wear a heart monitor until he was six months old .. but he is Amazing and healthy now and that’s all that matters!

Averhett Gage ‘Rhett’ is five years old now and our adopted child and Ryghker Dean ‘Rygh’ is our biological - both boys Look like twins Rygh has blue eyes and blond hair and Rhett has green eyes and blond hair

Facing them Rhett is on the left and Rygh is on the right

Currently trying for baby number 7 .. my appointment is on Nov 29th to get my first round of Clomid again .. I’m 45 ..

Thank you for reading my book- I want to apologize ahead of time if anything is misspelled.. - typing sucks lol

Wow Redd that some story!! Congratulations on your beautiful babies. That’s so surreal you had just been told you were pregnant then the adoption agency call!!! That’s a miracle 🙏🏼 I’m 41 and we’re trying for baby no 1 ❤️

Thank you! Good Luck to you❤️

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