Question, anyone on the Combipatch?

Anyone on the Combipatch . What are your likes and dislikes about it.
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I just started it. Came here looking for feedback from others. Is there a way to search this forum? It's too early for me to see any results at this point, but I'd like to remain hopeful

❤️❤️ thank you

Aha! I see 😊 Neither; M-brace The Change provides menopause support, free at point of use. We help people through providing easy to read evidence-based resources (like the factsheet linked above) and guidance on treatment and general information. We don't have a product to sell, nor an agenda to push. We just help as much as we can and find ourselves 'plugging the gap' for those who find it difficult to get support from healthcare professionals. 😊🩷

Oh' no. I was asking about M-brace..

@Nikki - sorry, but I thought you were asking if CombiPatch was a patch, or a pill? 😁 Good to hear you're feeling positive effects already! 😊🩷

Oh, I know. I talked with my Dr. I started the on Wednesday. My hot flashes are not so in tense and less frequent now, and it's only been 2 days. " I'm all for that. 😆

@Nikki - clue's in the name 🙂 transdermal patch, which has a controlled release of hormones 🙂🧡

And what is it? A patch, or A pill?

Hello 😊 I'm not using CombiPatch, but our M-brace The Change factsheet on starting HRT might be handy (also applies to changing HRT) 😊🧡

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