Saving baby stuff for potential next kid

So, I've just had my second son. I'm in the baby bubble right now where my body is telling me I want to have another child. I know that my hormones are playing tricks on me right now so my husband and I are not going to seriously discuss whether or not we're going to have a 3rd child for at least a year. So all the baby stuff that my son will soon grow out of, should I keep it in case we decide to have a third or get rid and maybe have to buy new? The main issue here is that we don't have a big house and storage space is in short supply so I don't want to clutter my house up with stuff that we might not use. I was thinking I'd keep anything that will cost me more than £100 to replace and sell anything less. I'd then put the money I make into a "baby fund" to buy anything we need if we do have another baby. Then also if we decide not to we'll have the money. Does this sound good to you? Any advice?
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Iv had my first baby she’s 6 months now and I am getting rid of everything and will start over again when/if I have another. I have to much fun buying bits for bubz and I have done everything on a shoestring brought off of FB marketplace or at baby bootfairs so I’m happy to do it all over again. And I’m eating money selling her stuff right now with no income on my side coming in any more.

So yeh go for it get rid of it, sorry went off on a tangent haha

I had the same situation and I gave everything away or sold it. I panicked when I found out I was having my 3rd as I had nothing! People have been so generous and have given me most of the things I need. I even got a lot of my old stuff back from people I had given it to! It takes up so much room and I couldn’t store it either. I’m trying not to buy anything new this time and it is actually quite good fun finding second hand things or receiving free things from my friends. At the end of the day you can see it as an exciting experience when/if you have another one to get them their own baby equipment. Not sure if that helps!

Thanks Megan. You are right about how fun it is to buy the stuff too! I didn't have to buy anything for my youngest son because I did keep everything from my first and I did miss it. Xx

We kept clothes between our 2 and anything sentimental/ really nice. I bought most stuff second hand so sold on when it wasn't needed and have bought again for baby 2. I'm doing the same this time, leaving the option of baby 3 open but not holding onto everything.

Thanks @Fiona , yeah that sounds fun, a bit like a game! To be fair I also think first time around you buy all the "must have" items and then with your second you realise you don't need half of it anyway so I imagine by the third you need even less. Xxx

We kept everything after baby no. 1 and luckily second one was a girl too. So we didnt have to buy anything nee apart from double pram

Thanks @Magdalena , same for me and I got the double pram off FB so not even new! I guess the difference was that I knew that we would try again for a second baby so it made sense to keep everything, but i'm not 100% sure we will try for a 3rd. Xxx

@Izzi ah yeah totally understand! Im in the same boat. Partner wants 3rd, but im just 6 weeks pp and not too keen and dont know if i will ever be 😂 so im selling everything now from my girls to get rid of the clutter :) we moved recently too, and godness the amount of clothes i had from our first was ridiculous took majority of the van 😂

I’ve personally kept everything as I’ve had my first and want a second! All the clothes have been vac packed which saves so much space!

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