👩‍🦰👩‍🦰Hair Distaster 👩‍🦰👩‍🦰

Morning All, I have a hair disaster 😩 I have historically always used hairdressers for my hair colouring, unfortunately due to finances this isn’t an option anymore 😩 I’ve used a few Garnier box dyes recently (I always follow all testing instructions / leave hair the longest time before I re-dye etc). This morning I’ve used a different hair box dye which is a lighter shade, hoping to take some of the red out. This is my current hair in natural light, It’s not my best look 🤦‍♀️ Any advice would be HUGELY appreciated, unsure what natural solutions would work to try and make the colour look more even / whether to buy a dye removal kit off Amazon. TIA
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I always use salon services to get really good hair dyes. Also to remove colour I normally mix hair bleach (powder sachet costs less than £2 from salon services) and conditioner. It's gentler on your hair than the dye removers

Haven't got any advice, but I honestly really like how it looks - kinda warm and fiery looking, reminds me of the red autumn leaves and the flames of a fire. Only thing that would make it look more awesome is if the lighter colour was also mixed in strands in between, kinda like highlights, and then you gently curled the hair!

My experience with orange/red box dye is that it can fade pretty quickly. If you’re looking to get the darker red tones out, you can try mixing vitamin c powder and something like head & shoulders. It can be great for removing colour without going down the dye remover route

Thank You for all your replies, I ended up putting a dark brown colour over it, so I’m now a brunette; for a while 😂

Hairdresser for over 15yrs… you will never lighten your hair using a tint or box dye, you must always go equal shade or darker:) to cancel out red tones you must use green - meaning as flat a tone as possible when looking at box dyes, avoid anything mahogany it will enhance the red:)

@Emily thank you for replying 😊 So I ended up toning down the orange / red with colour fade shampoo and using head & shoulders and Vitamin C tablets. I put a dark brown box dye, this has covered the ‘hot mess’ up 🙈 If I wanted to go a light brown. What would be the best way please?

Visit a salon and get a proper colour correction or do it gradually with a full head highlights and toned to the shade you require. However the hairdresser must be told the ‘hot mess’ you covered 🫣

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