Crap sleep? 🌙😴

Sleep disturbance and insomnia are quite possibly the absolute worst symptoms of peri/menopause, because everything else feels ten times worse if you’re not sleeping! They're also really common symptoms, and it’s a lot to do with fluctuating and decreasing oestrogen messing up your sleep patterns. Magnesium glycinate might just be your friend here. It also helps with other stuff too – like night sweats, flushes, concentration and a little mood lift. We’ve recommended it to lots of our M-brace The Change members, with great success! (Always check suitability with an appropriately qualified healthcare professional before starting any supplements.) You might also want to watch what you eat in the evening. For many, avoiding heavy meals too close to bedtime helps, so eating more at lunchtime would be better. Remember to keep an eye on your blood sugar though – as that can also affect your sleep (as well as lots of other symptoms!). Caffeine often affects sleep, so keep coffee, tea, and fizzy drinks to a minimum. Ensure that you are drinking plenty of water to rehydrate yourself. Dehydration can cause feelings of anxiety, which can also disrupt sleep. There are lots of practical steps that you can take to help with sleep. We won’t dwell too much on those here, but check out our Sleep Help factsheet in our factsheet library on our website here: Try not to worry if you can’t sleep – we used to have two sleeps a night, you know! If you do wake up (Menopausal Wide Awake Club seems to drop in between 1-3am for most people), try to re-frame that into something to be almost welcomed – have a little read, clean a room, do some stretching, plan the week ahead, that type of thing. Hypnotherapy can help heaps here too, to address sleep attitudes and how you approach it... 🙂❤
Crap sleep? 🌙😴
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Thank you 😊

Oof, night shifts are tough enough without peri plus kiddos! 😬 🩷 Hope you're getting enough quality snooze time, Krystal 🙂

Ha! I feel this! Plus I work night shift so my sleep is during the day and kiddos really throw that off too!

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