Weight gain? 🩷

Whenever we ask our M-brace The Change community members what their biggest challenge is through the stages of menopause, weight gain is near the top of the poll. Anything from a few extra inches around the middle to increasing several sizes all over, it seems to affect most of our members, whether they’re gym bunnies or sofa badgers... As we age, our metabolism slows down, and inevitable changes happen. However, when the menopause stuff starts, getting into those jeans you’ve always slid straight into or zipping up that fave frock can become an even bigger challenge. Add that to some of the psychological challenges and issues with self-esteem that can come along with perimenopause, and the weight gain can seem particularly cruel. So, why does it happen, and what can we do about it? Firstly, we have a secret to share with you: 🌟 Menopausal or not, don't diet if you want to lose weight 🌟 It’s a fact that we’re all aware of; most people who lose weight eventually regain it and sometimes end up heavier than before. It’s suggested that only 15–20 % of dieters manage to keep the weight off for two years. And yet still we persist in the quest to DIET. There’s no denying that fad diets are attractive because they promise a quick fix. However, there is no quick fix to achieving an ideal weight, and dieting can often make the problem worse. Severely restricting calories and eating ‘diet’ foods can seriously slow your metabolism. Successful weight loss revolves around fostering a speedier metabolism instead. Not to mention that many ‘diet’ foods are full of chemicals like artificial sweeteners & emulsifiers. A realistic, sustainable, and healthier approach involves making a series of small changes to your diet and lifestyle that will last for good. That means no ‘dieting’ in the traditional sense – just good food that’s organised in a way to support gradual weight loss. 🙂❤
Weight gain? 🩷
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It's good to get such positive feedback, Rebecca - glad you're finding them useful 🙂 thanks 🩷x

Hi Sharon I’ve been reading some of your posts - really really informative- thank you xx

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