I'm single now. It's uncomfortable. I'm so used to having someone worrying about me, him being angry at me because he misses me, texting me or messaging me on Facebook silly memes, being annoyed when he's high or drunk, telling me about his day at work, telling him about my day at work, him groping and embarrassing me in the grocery store, hearing him moan and groan about how bad his back hurts, him spitting chew out my car window and being grossed out about it, how he smelled, yelling at him for leaving his slippers in the middle of the I refuse to move them from the exact spot where he left them. All these stupid little thing felt so insignificant at the time. Now I oddly miss it. I feel like I am floating in limbo. If someone asked me if I was in a relationship I think my response would still be yes. Like he's right here. But he's not. He will never be again. I also feel a sense of freedom. I can go certain places, do certain things and even eat certain food and no one is there to question me about it. What is this feeling? This is new.
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You are a strong woman 👩 I like that 😊

@Kerry I'll be ok. I know how greif feels. I've lost a lot of people in my life. But this feels different because I felt he was wronged. It was so sudden. I'm not really worried about doing anything wrong (whatever that means) I'm too busy focusing on work, getting my Masters and being there when my children need me. I just have to let myself feel this. It just sucks. Some days are harder than others. I'm trying to also find a way to fit greif counseling into my schedule.

That’s grief, you’re grieving the loss and it’s totally natural. Just do the next right thing. Take each day as it comes. Don’t over analyse why you feel like you do… it’s a process with an ending. I was exactly the same and did all the wrong things before I got myself together. You’ve got this 🙌

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