Call me crazy!?

So I know everyone has probably done this. Where you put the right behind the pregnancy test to see if you can see anything. Well, of course I did that and see what looks like a shadow of some sorts? It could have picked the indent line or could it actually be something?
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Mine looked exactly like this at 10DPO I didn’t get a faint line that was visible till 12DPO xx

Keep me posted if it turns to anything if it isn’t the plastic! Mine today and yesterday did that so I’m not sure what it is

I did it and will be giving birth soon

@Tara you know you’re probably right. I think that’s what it was. I’ll have to check and see.

First response usually has plastic lines on the back side that will shine through, I would check and see if that’s the case. But I got the same thing on a clear blue which didn’t have the plastic so I’m also curious to see what that means!

I did this and my baby is now 11months 🫶🏻 xx

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