When does everyone give purée? Breakfast lunch or dinner? I’m thinking more dinner so it coincides with bathtime and I can clear up the catastrophe 🤣
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Ive been weaning my LG for nearly a month i started with lunch then added breakfast now started adding tea time so she has 1oz purees x3 times a day along with BF, she really loves it and whinges when shes ate it all 😂

We do brunch, he has milk first thing in the morning and then we do purée after his first nap so around 10.30-11ish. I find this is when he’s in his most receptive frame of mind to try stuff. Later in the day he gets cranky… he’s just over 5 months and we’ve only been weaning for a week

@Devon 🤣🙈💩

I do bedtime. An hour before his last bottle. He can be hit and miss after with how much he has on that bottle though so might try switch it up but so far that’s the best time that fits with naps and feeds for us x

Might just be my child but when I did purée for dinner he pooped through the night which wasn’t ideal 😂 I now do breakfast X

I do lunch time as that’s when I give my breast feed baby a bottle of formula and I pump and use that milk in his porridge xx

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