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hey mamas, i never really got the chance to start breast feeding my baby properly as he went right into icu after he was born, i just got into the habit of expressing. it’s a habit that i’m still in 5 weeks after he’s born and my milk supply just doesn’t seem to be the same anymore. has anyone got any advice on how to get my supply back up?? i want to try breast feeding again but i want to make sure i have a good supply first any advice would be great
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yeah that’s what i’ve also been told, worth a shot anyway! thankyou xxx

Try power pumping once a day, and regular pumping during the day including once during midnight and 6am when hormones are highest. Oats are good too and drink loads of fluids x

I’m exclusively pumping and found my supply dropped suddenly too. Power pumping has helped a lot, also just being regular and emptying as often as you can x

How much are you pumping per day? I was told to aim for at least 750ml a day as they count that as a full supply. I'm 5 weeks post partum and averaging 800ml a day now, but it's taken 3 weeks of consciously trying to increase my supply to that.

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