Sleep regression...and nap regression?!

Just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to encourage naps during the 3-4 month sleep regression? My little girl is 4 months (3 months adjusted age) and has suddenly started waking every 2 hours at night after being a very good sleeper. I'm assuming this is the sleep regression that everyone talks about. well as night time, her daytime naps have become awful! Only sleeping for 30 mins unless on me. When I try to get her ready for a nap and begin to rock her in my arms, she starts to cry which becomes inconsolable sometimes. If she doesn't stop I eventually breastfeed her to sleep and let her nap on me just so that she can get some sleep. But they only last for 30 mins at most! Any advice/tips/tricks welcome! I know the huckleberry app is good, but maybe for older babies?
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@Eve same with the countdown! So weird

@Eve we were the same but she started napping well in the sling yesterday and actually had a better night (although better night for us sounds like what you've just described, we didn't even get a full 3 hours!). Hope things improve for you soon 😊

Even in the sling or on me we're on 4 x 30 minute naps a day 😂 night times are like a countdown. 3 hours. 2 hours. Hour and a half. One hour. 45 minutes. 30 minutes. 15 minutes. Up for the day. 👌🏻😂

I'm going through the same thing with my 12 week old. Naps in the day are 10-30 mins most days and she also cries a lot when it's time to sleep. Very frustrating!

Have you tried a sling/baby carrier? My daughter has only ever contact napped but the sling is the only way she'll have a decent nap, sometimes 2-3 hours! Also means you can move around and not feel quite so nap trapped ☺️ x

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