Nuby Rapid Cool

Hey, is anyone able to tell me if these are worth it? I plan to breastfeed but not for months and months and was wondering if I should grab this in the Black Friday deal - does anyone recommend? Why would I need 2 rapid cools and 1 flask is there a reason? And can it only be sterilised using something specific? Any help welcome!
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Absolutely worth it!!!! It has made our life so much easier. We use a cold water steriliser for it. Just put it in with a Milton tablet and it's ready in 15 minutes.

I got one on a the prime day and I am fully breastfeeding but it’s there just in case. I combi fed my first and remember the absolute faff waiting for bottles to cool my sister has the rapid cool and swears by it. She just bought one and only takes a flask if she’s going out just uses a normal flask. She rinses in between uses if she’s out but otherwise she cold water sterilises it.

The rapid cool is amazing for feeds when out and about. It can make it a bit difficult to wash them out when you put formula into it and there's no where to wash out and sterilise, so I've found using hot shot and only putting boiled water from a flask in is better. The instructions say you can sterilise the main part however, but you can't use a steam steriliser for the lid

Also check temp prior to feeding as I would never trust the nuby to not malfunction and burn my baby. But that’s a given!

We make one bottle a day (rest is breast) so the nuby sits by our kettle. We only have 1 x white nuby We had the prep but didn’t even get it out of the box so sold it. I think if making lots of bottles a day the prep is good but for odd bottles the nuby is great! We don’t take it out as we buy the ready made bottles but as I said only on one bottle a day. Agreed don’t put formula in the nuby - you don’t have to sterilise it then :)

I use the Ceres chill and it’s much better. I plan to use it even when I’m done feeding!

I just have the nuby and it's a life saver, I use it everyday. I have insulated water bottles that I use to keep the hot water in. I put hot water in my mam bottles and measure out how much I need then I put all but 2oz of the hot water into the nuby to cool. I then put the formula in the mam bottle so it's been mixed with hot water to kill the bacteria. (Hot shot method)

@Natasha good for days out or visiting people so deffo

@Hannah oh fab ! Thank you so much ☺️

@Natasha i take a flask of boiling hot water and the rapid cool out, measure out in the mam bottle 5 ounces and pour 90% of the water into the rapid cool and leave some in the mam bottle for the ‘hot shot’, mix the formula in the boiling hot water in the mam bottle and then tip the water i put in the rapid cool into the bottle, give it a swirl and then it’s ready to drink!

@Hannah definitely sold now! 😁 How do you use? X

@Natasha they are so good for out and about, we have the prep machine for at home but use the nuby everytime we leave the house

Just get 2 normal thermoses. Use one for cool boiled and one for fresh boiled.

I love our rapid cools, ive just ordered another two on amazon because you can’t argue with that price! The only thing is i dont rate the thermal flask, i use a SHO flask which we also got on amazon and it keeps boiling water boiling for hours!

@Isobel completely agree with this! X

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@Penelope basically yeah 😊 means you can use it all day! If you want to reset your rapid cool quicker whilst out leave it cold water for 15mins and it’s ready to go again x

@Jolou perfect! Thanks so much x

@Natasha you only really need one white one as you can buy a hot water flask like thermos which is way better and keeps water hot for much longer!

@Jolou oh thank you! So like what the prep machine does

Ahh fab! Thank you both 🫶🏽

@Natasha 100% get a rapid Cool for out and about!

@Natasha could still be useful when you’re out the house! We use for night feeds too as can just make it as you get out of bed but don’t have a prep machine so idk if that’s just as easy

@Penelope measure the boiling water in your baby bottle and pour all but 1oz in the rapid cool. Use the 1oz boiling water left in baby bottle to dissolve & mix formula then add the cool water back into baby bottle should still be perfect temp. No need to wash out rapid cool as it’s only had hot water in it 😊

How do you use it without mixing the formula inside?? Sterilising is a pain! Also my go to for out and about - we’ve only ever had one but we use a tommee tippee prep machine at home. Switched to formula at 6 months with my first and 9 months with my second so used quite a bit

Hi all, I have the prep machine as I will be bottle feeding. Do you think I could do with one of these also?

The Nuby Rapid cool is great for out and about. I don’t mix the formula in there so don’t need 2, and personally I just use a £6 flask from Asda, I don’t see why the expensive flask is necassary 😊

Yes if you're planning on formula feeding at any point. They're life savers, honestly so good. The reason that you'd get two and a flask is because the instructions say to make up the formula in the rapid cool, which is what we do, but I know a lot of people use it for a hot shot (don't know how that works tho). The flask is good for taking boiling water out with you so it stays hot. They need to be sterilised in cold water solution so we use the milton tablets and just chuck them in there. We have 3 of them and we use them at home when we're making up bottles but we also take them out with us :)

Worth their weight in gold! Wouldn’t of been without mine. You sometimes need two because they take 3-4hrs to reset so you can use it again. But if you sterilise in cold water Milton it resets in 15mins. Also if you use it as a hotshot method you Dan it have to wash & sterilise in between uses

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