Eating out with baby(BLW)

Hi, what does everyone do when they go out to eat with their baby. Do u put something down so they can pick their food off? Bring own suction plate? X
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Just given him a piece of whatever we’re having. Definitely don’t carry around his weaning stuff.

Whenever i go out i get toast/bread or mash potato for my lo xx

We started weaning while on holidays, so she ate in restaurant for a week. We just handed her food one at a time. Back home I order something that I know I can give her a bit. Haven't actually taken plate with us yet as that just gets too messy, we just hand over food/spoon and at the end pick up bits off the floor

I attempted to do this for the first time today and my son did not want to sit in the high chair and didn’t eat anything 😂

Her one meal a day is at 6 with us, but she gets annoyed if we eat without her and we go out for lunch quite a bit so I take cucumber fingers and breadsticks so she has something to chomp with minimal mess

Yeah we bring our own suction plate. We still do for our two year old sometimes because even kids food can arrive really hot in a really hot dish.

Haven’t tried it yet, following to see what other people do…. 😊

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