Gestational Diabetes

Idk if it’s because I’ve been a big girl my Whole life and always dodged it or what but finding out I have gestational diabetes has me feeling like I just been told I have something worse. Literally most of my family has diabetes I just never had a diabetes scare till now so I’m literally just feeling emotional af about receiving this news I know I may seem dramatic but dang of all my 30 years on my second child is when I get it! (Sorry I just felt like venting)
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Your feelings are valid. This is my second time having gestational diabetes and I was overwhelmed both times. Try and be careful with what eat and if you feel like eating something go for it. I didn’t take GD serious the first time and my first born is perfectly fine but I have more control over what I eat now. You and baby will be perfectly fine. I promise 🤍

@Kayla i was just put on insulin and told id be induced at 38wks even though her size is on track and everything. Less than 6wks away, now its feeling really real..more real than just waiting for her to come on her own. Knowing j have a specific week makes it weird.

@Jade not just the placenta. Everyone's placenta makes these hormones that cause insulin resistance, just in women who go on to develop GD, their bodies cannot compensate for increase demand. this is why it's a flag for developing type two up to 5 years after birth of baby. To me its a flag that deserves investigation. Why can't ur body produce enough insulin?? Is it pcos? Is it inflammation, ect

@Jasmine thank you ❤️

@Londa Xo thank you, you are too!!

Girl you are so pretty 🥰 lol I know it’s random asf

Thanks everyone I feel a lot better hearing everyone’s encouraging words and opinions and I won’t read too much into it❤️

I was fine with my first at 24 but had it with my second at 38. I’ve always been big too. Just don’t read too much into diabetes during the pregnancy because you’re battling your placenta. It’s gonna be a roller coaster but just stay positive. My only issue was my fasting numbers overnight. They never really got completely under control but I still had a healthy baby. Do what you can to try to keep your numbers within range but sometimes your placenta is just gonna be a jerk lol. I joined some FB groups for GD and I feel that if you read too much into some of it, you’ll be paranoid like a lot of those women in the group. Feel free to reach out if you need anything. You got this mama! 🫶🏻

My mum was a size 8 throughout all her pregnancies (she had 6 children) and had GD with all of us and my sister who is a size 10 got it when she had her baby this year, I’m 25 weeks and don’t have any signs of it as of yet I had an early test and it was negative but have another in 3 weeks

Don't feel bad! My cousin who is a "normal" range BMI had gestational diabetes. It's not based on your size, it could happen to anyone!

Feel your emotions, it can be tough to deal with, but just know its definitely not your fault or a cause of being a bigger girl. I too have GD and my a1c and blood sugar levels were normal pre pregnancy! It's the placentas fault! As long as you manage it you and the baby will be fine! I'm actually getting induced because of GD and my baby is quite big right now 😅 you got this! One day at a time!

You’ve only got diabetes because you’re pregnant, hence why it’s called Gestational diabetes. Try not to stress, you’ll have more tests done after you’ve had baby to make sure it doesn’t come back

It's just your placenta, I have GD too and I'm a bigger girl but my A1C has always been far under the pre-diabetic range. It was a difficult pill to swallow in the beginning but its not too difficult to manage and it all goes away as soon as the baby is delivered.

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