Old-fashioned Girl Names

I think I've got my name narrowed down to one or two choices but keep wondering if there's a better one out there. 😅 My son is named Howard, Howie for short. I want something that goes well with that. I'm leaning towards Lydia or Aria. I like that Lydia is less common and a little older sounding. Also I want the middle name to be Jill, ideally. Any suggestions?
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Evelyn 💗

I have a Martha ☺️

I love Violet! So sweet and feminine

I like Lydia more out of your choices Suggestion: Rose or variation (Rosemary/Rosaleigh etc) nickname could be RJ or Rosie to follow on from Howie

Kathleen I like Lydia

We're calling our girl Ophelia.

Edith Dorothy Beatrice Margaret Mary Edna Ethel

Amy Hannah Sarah Louise Lucie Abigail

Wilhelmina (Billy) So Howie and Billy ❤️ I think that sounds really cute

Avary Everly Adalyn Hazel Olive Adelaide (my great great grandmothers sister's name so I know it is old lol) Lorain Evalynn Cecilia Elizah

For old-fashioned names, I like Marie-Anne, Evelyn, and Ruth ❤️

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