Milton safe?

So at work we have some nasty bugs going around ( I work at a nursery) and we decided to clean the rooms up a bit as Mondays are so quite! My manager wasn’t happy with just using antibacterial sprays so we used Milton tablets in water to clean the children’s toys. Is Milton safe to work with when pregnant? I really hope it is as I know it’s strong scented but am unsure if it causes unborn babies any harm x
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So my old work place we worked with cleaning chemicals as I worked in a bar. I was told which ones I can all the time, which ones had to be diluted by someone else but I could use when done and what ones where 100% off limits. It was slightly easier as we had a traffic light system for that stuff already so we adjusted to fit what was needed . Yeah asking for another meeting to just go over everything that had already been discussed would be the best idea I would say. Always best to be safe

Ok should be fine and we had a meeting at 16 weeks but wasn’t given any info about products and things to stay clear of might have to have another meeting

I believe Milton should be safe as it's meant to be safe for babies . Have you had your risk assessment done yet as what chemicals you can and can't use should be listed on there .

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