My husband was sooooo pissed

When I went and bought formula to feed our baby because my milk supply was dwindling so he stormed out and went and bought these so I continue to exclusively feed breast milk to our baby 😑
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awh hell nah..i always tell my partner, “come on then! let’s see you do better. plsss go ahead and be my guest.”‘and it usually shuts him up but also now that my LO is 6w old he has realized fed is best, and after seeing my huge issues i’ve encounter due to BF/pumping he has settled down. i’m so sorry your husband is being such an ass.. your body, your BF journey, and you are allowed to go about it completely as YOUD like!! do not be pressured into doing anything you don’t wanna. 💖🫶🏼

@Kaylin Thank you ❤️ I couldn’t believe how pissed he was When I told him “you feed the baby then” he said if I made breast milk I would, I would pump every day/all day if I had to…. Lmao yeah he’s lucky he can’t produce it cuz I bet he’d prove himself wrong

I made the choice to pump and feed formula when needed because my little boy wouldn’t latch after coming home from the hospital. My husband and I agree fed is best no matter the form. He also knows I’m not afraid to smack him with my cast iron over it either. You have to do what you feels is best for you and your child not anyone else.

I used the upspring and didn’t notice a difference in my supply 😩 I do recommend the body armor lyte drinks those worked for me!

not the “if i could i would” 💀💀💀 my partner said the same shit and i told him he is more than welcome to give the pump a try to see how it feels and that shut him up 😭😭

I think he should take a hormone that could make him leak. Prolactin pills he should be prescribed. Let’s see if his body will leak and see how long he would last 😂. If my bf ever got pissed for supplementing or switching to formula I would honestly make him put the pump on every 2 hours for 30 minutes

Sounds like he is being very protective of what the baby intakes maybe? Definitely not his decision as he is not the food so to speak haha but I do see support in his actions and also hear you are not feeling heard or respected in your decision regarding your baby

@Kaylin I told him to strap the pump to his penis and try pumping every 3 hours a day every day and see what that feels like 😂

I agree they don’t really know how hard it is for some of us, and even if they tried to be understanding they would not have a clue 🕵️‍♀️

I think a lot of people underestimate how hard it is to produce, even after you get thru the pain. There’s so many things out of your control… I’ve been trying EVERYTHING to get my supply up and it’s still not a great supply. Wishing you the best mama! I hope it helps you to produce and if you choose to stop I hope he supports your well-being. BF is a full time job. 😩

I breastfed for 2 weeks. I really wanted to but at night I would cry sitting in bed while my son was feeding it was more painful than birth to me. Then I switched to pumping as a few friends recommended. It was easier and didn’t hurt but I started pumping straight blood so I stopped. And started feeding an organic formula I had gotten just in case. My OB told me honestly it doesn’t matter as long as they’re fed and growing that’s all that matters. He said don’t let anyone make you feel less than because you couldn’t breastfeed.

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