Anyone else still not got their evenings??

Baby tends to fall asleep about 6.30-7, but always wakes immediately and wants to be on us all evening. I can’t believe I’m still eating one handed at 5.5 months 🫣
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We're exactly the same I go with it eat earlier and go to bed with baby. She sits in her highchair while we eat now previously I'd spend every meal breastfeeding as she'd scream until I did. She still manages to do it during every meal out in a restaurant but usually falls asleep after across my lap so I leave her there

Honestly I was just thinking this tonight as I rushed a gourmet meal of Heinz beans!!! My partner works long hours so I’m solo… least with weaning I’ll be forced to stop during the day and eat with baby

@Riki us too!!! And this is number 3 🙄😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 No clue what I’ve done wrong this time 😂

Same! He doesn’t go upstairs until we do so some nights I get to eat dinner properly and others my partner cuts it all up for me and I eat one handed 🙈 when he’s 6 months I’ll start putting him upstairs x

We’re the same! I think we thought it would be easier with our second but since we hit 3 months he’s been so cranky and sleep is terrible. We’re cosleeping overnight and he’s still up every 2 hours 😓

What is an evening or a hot meal these days?😂

Baby number here too! The first is on the edge of giving up naps and very upset and overtired at bedtime, as soon as she’s down, number 2 is awake for the rest of the evening! Just can’t catch a break 😩

Same. Our eldest was sleeping 7-7 at this age, but no luck with baby 2. He's a much more chilled baby during the day though, every cloud!

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